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Flexi Soul Yoga

Class Descriptions

Classes listed below are run at our new yoga studio, right in the heart of Crickhowell. To view our current schedule and find out how to book your place, please view our timetable:

breathing exercises at a yoga class

Gentle Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation

This course is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and requires no prior experience of yoga. During the course, Helen will introduce gentle yoga and relaxation techniques, using them as an introduction to simple meditation practices.

 Helen Isaacs

 Monday 23rd Sept – 28th October; 12-1pm; 6-week course

 £48 or £10 drop-in if space allows

breathing exercises at a yoga class

Gentle Yoga

This class focuses on building strength and flexibility through movement and flow. This class is for those wanting a slower paced class yet still want a challenge!

 Nicky Webb

man practicing yoga

Men's Yoga

A gentle class aimed at beginners and intermediate. This class will help to increase strength and flexibility and is good for those wanting to compliment other sporting activities.

 Nicky Webb

 Thursdays 9.30-10.30am

breathing exercises at a yoga class

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa, a popular contemporary style that emphasises ‘flow’. A typical class combines Pranayama (breath work), core strength and conditioning, Surya Namaska (sun salutations), flow and relaxation.

 Nicky Webb

 Mondays 6.30-7.30pm, Tuesdays 9.30-10.30am, Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm, Thursdays 6.00-7.00pm, Saturdays 9.00-10.00am

breathing exercises at a yoga class

Gentle Hatha Yoga

This class offers a gentle style of Hatha yoga with a strong focus on breath and awareness. The class starts and finishes with a short relaxation and is accessible to all, regardless of age or experience. Beginners welcome.

 Helen Isaacs

 Wednesday 25th Sept – 30th October; 10-11.30am; 6-week course

 £48 or £10 drop-in if space allows



HIIT is a high intensity interval training class. Each class raises your metabolic rate, burns fat and maintains your lean mass. The workouts are completed in a short amount of time and all abilities are welcome and tailored to beginners.

If you want a class that gets the job done, this is it!

 Mike James

 Friday 10.30-11.30am

iyengear yoga

Iyengar Yoga

A 6-week foundation course in Iyengar Yoga for those new to Yoga or new to Iyengar. The course will build the basic elements from week to week and then turn into a regular, Beginner’s Iyengar Yoga Class. A great way to start Yoga and get some movement into your lunchtime. For more information visit

 Emma Pugh

 Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm; 6-week course

Express Yoga

Express Yoga

This class is for Staff and students (year 11 +) of Crickhowell High School only. This is a short class aimed at reducing stress and looks at ways to build a home practice.

 Nicky Webb

 Tuesdays 13.45-14.20

birthing classes

Daisy Birthing

Daisy Birthing classes and Active Birth workshops offer practical birth preparation, including effective techniques, birth positions, breathing and evidence based education for labour, and relaxation and gentle movements to promote a more comfortable pregnancy.

 Ceri Elms

 Tuesdays 6.30-8.00pm


Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga is a traditional style of yoga which follows a set sequence, making it easy to learn the different postures and practise them yourself at home. The sequence starts with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation sequence) and is followed by different asanas (postures) which stretch and strengthen the different muscles in the body. This class is not suitable for complete beginners.

 Helen Isaacs

 Monday 23rd Sept – 28th October; 8-9.15pm; 6-week course

 £48 or £10 drop-in if space allows


Beginners' Pilates

Improve posture, tone, balance, mobility and relieve stress. This class is a gentle introduction to Pilates, ideal for those who are beginners or who may have had some time off from regular exercise. Emma has over twenty years’ experience as a trainer in many aspects of health and wellbeing and has taught all ages and abilities. Classes are small and friendly. Emma provides a whole-body workout with alternatives and modifications to suit your needs. The aim of the class is to strengthen the core muscles, stretch tight muscles, mobilise and align the body.

 Emma Palmer

 Wednesdays 6.00-7.00pm; 6-week course

 Pay as you go or discounts for block bookings.